Friday, March 18, 2011

Walk Through Fire

It's been a while since I have heard this song, but it's one of my favorites. I love it. Maybe it's the romantic in me. ;)

Monday, March 14, 2011

A - Z

(A) Age: 28
(B) Bed Size: Queen
(C) Chore You Hate: Dishes
(D) Dogs? Nope
(E) Essential Start Your Day Item: Humm...a toilet?
(F) Favorite Color: Yellow
(G) Gold or Silver? Silver
(H) Height: 5'9"
(I) Instruments You Play: None
(J) Job Title: Dietary Supervisor
(K) Kids: None :(
(L) Live: in AR
(M) Mom's Name: None ya
(N) Nicknames: Brently, Brentlywayne
(O) Overnight Hospital Stays? yes
(P) Pet Peeve: Stupid drivers, rude people
(Q) Quote from a Movie: "Tell me about it, Stud" (I like to think she is talking to me) HA HA
(R) Right or Left Handed? Right
(S) Siblings: Two
(T) Time You Wake Up? As late as possible
(U) Underwear: Yes, but I'm not telling you what kind.
(V) Vegetable You Dislike: Mushrooms, yuck
(W) What Makes You Run Late: Laying in bed as late as possible
(X) X-Rays You've Had Done: Just those they take at the dentist
(Y) Yummy Food You Make: Fried chicken, biscuits, chicken spaghetti, chocolate cake.
(Z) Zoo, Favorite Animal: IDK Not an animal person.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Lazy Day

Don't you love lazy days? I sure do! The only thing I have to look forward to during the week are my days off. It is a chance to get away from work and all the people that give me trouble there.

Today, I am spending time on my dad's farm, visiting family and just being lazy. Right now I am with my grandma and we are babysitting my little cousin, Ayla. Between her and trying to teach my grandma how to use the internet and Facebook, I'm pooped!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I survived!

As my last post told you, I went to the gym with my cousin today. Obviously, I am alive to blog about the experience; however, my legs are in very bad condition right now. Every time I get out of a chair my legs start aching, and I have been very close to falling in the floor. My legs aren't jello. They are watered down jello.

Bethany's friend DeDee is after me to come back, but since I live 45 minutes away from this gym and it's $7.00 a visit, I don't think I'll be going back soon. This doesn't mean I don't want a healthier lifestyle or that I'm not willing to make changes. Something more convenient would be nice. I do have a walking trail that runs past my house and there are gyms in my town, so I can't use the excuse that I have no place to exercise. And it is high time I stop making excuses. From now on, there will be no excuse (unless I'm sick). ;)

To face my new "no excuses" attitude, I am launching a new blog, "Slenderizing Me". This blog will guide you through my weight loss experience, and I hope that I can inspire someone to do something healthy for themselves. In this blog I will give an account of all the foods I have eaten throughout the day, the exercises I have done and the progress I am making, including stats. Maybe if I post my stats on the internet, I will be more motivated to keep it up.

Let's Get Physical

So tonight my mean cousin Bethany is forcing me to the gym with her. Not with a gun to my head or anything, but still... I'm pretty sure I will be out of breath only a mere two minutes into the work out, because I haven't worked out in a very, very, VERY LONG TIME. If only I had a broken toe or a migraine headache to excuse myself from this torture. Wish me luck and I'll post another blog tonight to let y'all know that I made it out alive. If I don't post back...check up on me.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Books to burn!

Sometimes I see books in Wal-Mart that I am tempted to buy just to burn. However, I'm poor and can't afford to throw away my money on such trash, so I shoplift the books. HA Just kidding! Here are two books worth burning. When we picked up the Obama book, I thought it was rather thin, and lo and behold, there was nothing in it! It was then that I realized this was the book he wrote about HIS future of America.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Had a long day and glad to be off tomorrow! I plan on getting lots of sunshine and maybe some exercise!